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Daniel Cloud Campos – I’ll Hold v1

24 August 2015

Another classic Daniel Cloud Campos video Always so creative and funny! Daniel Cloud is showing us how he is handling when a delivery company put him on hold over an endless phone call. I definitely had a great time watching this video, and I can totally see myself doing exactly the same thing! More About […]

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Gucchon vs Nelson FINAL Popping Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2015

20 August 2015

Popping forever 2015. Nelson vs Gucchon the kind of battle that will make you jump out of your seat mouth open again and again!

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Yugson vs Tatsuo SEMI-FINAL House Dance Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2015

20 August 2015

Tatsuo VS. Yugson! This battle is to me one of the highlights of House dance forever 2015. Two legends of House Dance going at it for a Death Battle

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Icee vs Waydi FINAL Hiphop Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2015

18 August 2015

Summer Dance Forever 2015, probably the biggest deal of a battle in the world today. Icee took the win, and big respect to Waydi for his humbleness.

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Lock N Lol from Korea – World champs HHI

10 August 2015

Lock N Lol crew from Korea takes us back to the roots of street dance with an impressive locking routine and wins the gold at Hip Hop International

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Paradox VS Alex – Battle STX 2015

6 August 2015

Hip Hop Final of Battle STX 2015, Paradox and Alex went SUPER SAIAN, hurry press play!!

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Seinabo Sey – Pretend

5 August 2015

In our support to iconic ladies of Hip Hop, we had to share Seinabo Sey’s the new (but not that new) track called “Pretend”.

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Hozin judge showcase – Keep Fresh

4 August 2015

My fellow poppers, here is Poppin Hozin from Korea, member of REAL MARVELOUS & DYNASTY DIAMONDZ, showcasing as a judge for the “Keep Fresh” battle, and THIS is how you KILL THE BEAT!!

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Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech Ep.4

3 August 2015

Discovered Lady Leshurr’s hill tune Queen’s Speech, thank to a friend of mine, then I did a bit of research about that so called Lady Leshurr and here is what I found : [Source :]

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28 July 2015

For the longuest time Gucchon is my favorite popper! I’d the chance to see him battling live many times during Juste Debout in Paris. This video is a very good sum up of why I think he is so ridiculously talented.

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