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Hip Hop

Icee vs Waydi FINAL Hiphop Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2015

18 August 2015

Summer Dance Forever 2015, probably the biggest deal of a battle in the world today. Icee took the win, and big respect to Waydi for his humbleness.

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Paradox VS Alex – Battle STX 2015

6 August 2015

Hip Hop Final of Battle STX 2015, Paradox and Alex went SUPER SAIAN, hurry press play!!

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Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech Ep.4

3 August 2015

Discovered Lady Leshurr’s hill tune Queen’s Speech, thank to a friend of mine, then I did a bit of research about that so called Lady Leshurr and here is what I found : [Source :]

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Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday

20 July 2015

With “Yesterday”, Black eyed peas is back! many years after “Monkey Business”, after that long period of darkness where, on my opinion, they lost themself. They decided (or maybe they are finally authorized) to make some real Hip Hop again! For our greatest pleasure.

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Struggling Kimono

20 July 2015

I found this video totally randomly, these guys made an amazing job! This choreography kept me focused until the very last second.

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Ukay Bad Newz – Judge Showcase

29 July 2014

Ukay Bad Newz Mp. – K.Mifa Hip Hop Judge Demo 2014 Sibiria

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Beatdance Contest – Final

10 July 2014

Beatdance Contest final – (Fabbreezy vs Waydi – Slykast vs Classik Swiss Chocolat) [Source]

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Beatdace Context – 1/2 final – P2

9 July 2014

1/2 final – (Waydi vs Mufasa – Classik Swiss Chocolat vs Neck Breaker’Z) [Source]

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Beatdance contact – 1/2 Final – P1

8 July 2014

1/2 final – (Malcom vs Fabbreezy – Slykast vs Ouz one) [Source]

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