This workshop was pretty much set up last minute for my man, Niako, who was visiting Toronto for a few days. But even on such short notice, students showed up, and were able to learn from this world-renowned Hip Hop Champion.
– Dr. Mephisto


Niako, hip hop dancers multidisciplinary Val d’Oise (95) in France, began dancing in 1997 while studying in a school art in Paris.

Already inspired At this time by Michael Jackson, he leaves then train in the middle hip hop through the Bboying where he joined the Daltons Possee with which it evolves and will have the opportunity to dance on the important scenes of culture hiphop as “les Rencontres Urbaines de La Villette” or “festival of Suresnes cites danses”.

In 2001, he Incorporate the “International Dance Academy” school to study classical dance, contemporary and jazz, while incorporating the musical of “10 commandments” where it will sit alongside the choreographers and dancers such as prestige Pfly, Bruce Ykanji, Dedson and Yaman (madonna’s choregrapher), Physs, Sandrine Vandeveld ,Stephane Loras, with whom he developed an open mind and refine his technique.

He later became a choreographer and a dancers turn professional , and work for people like Kamel Ouali, brands like Adidas or Puma, the cotemporary company ArtobA , Propos or for Matt Pokora, Beatriz luego, and other Rn’B and hip hop artist … In 2006 his apparition in the Juste debout, on of the biggest world hip hop competiton, stay in mind of many people, and it’s in 2008, that he win the same competition under the name of LegionX to finish in 2012 as a judge after many victories all around the world in differents championship.

More about Niako

World and internatinal competitions :

2012 Adidas original tour Singapore
2012 Reborn K.O.D national event China
2011 Juste Debout worlwide Germany
2009 MAD SEASON international Korea
2009 Keep On Dancing Asia contest China
2008 Juste Debout world dance contest Paris
2007 2006 L adou festival Team battle team battle France
2007 Festival Essence Hip Hop North France
2007 Version hip hop Calais batlle France
2007 Street Dance Kemp world dance Contest czek republik
2007 Underground Battle Belgium
2007 Show Time Battle France
2005 Battle thug France
2005 180 BPM Paris
2005 Battle Nanterre Hip Hop Paris
2005 Battle EXPERT de triport Paris

Due to his belt and his sense of bias, Niako ranks as the status of judges in high demand for international competitions (Dance Alive ,japan. Street Dance Kemp
,czek Republlic…) and choreographic (Hip Hop International , France. Triobet battle, Lethonia. Valpoliciella,Italy…)

Teacher and facilitator of course hip hop and house, Niako bases his teaching on the research staff of the dancer around the basic steps of these differents techniques. Throughout his career he has refined his teaching technique and his dance around the world, schools in countries such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Germany, Singapore or Vietnam etc. …