This workshop was a serious introduction to what House dance is at an international level! The number of people who showed up surprised me, with the arrival of teachers and dancers from others cities I have never met before! It was definitely a big moment in Toronto House Dance History, and many left the studio inspired!
– Dr. Mephisto

More about Mamson

From the dirtiest streets on earth to the greatest stages in the world !

Mamé. 4 letters that are now part of the main influencers of hip hop dance and particularly house dance. Thanks to his unique style and his incredible musicality, he inspired young dancers all over the world. His slender and gracious body make him recognizable anywhere, from the greatest stages in the world to the dustiest pavements.Mamé is a one-of-a-kind dancer. His subtle style and his generous personality enabled him to become a major figure in hip hop. He now stands out as a judge for international battles, a consultant and a coach.

He is also part of the Wanted Posse Crew, THE one that changed the Hip Hop world. This genuine “family” was awarded 2001 World Champions at the Battle Of The Year. Their truly revolutionary style, that mixes different street dance disciplines, tremendously spread since then. Thanks to this open-mindedness, MaMSoN deeply enriched dance style.

It all begins for him in 1996 in Noisiel (area of Paris), where he starts breakdancing. His first crew: DSS. In 1999, the Wanted Posse Crew calls on his style. Mamé then earns 2 letters and becomes MaMSoN! He keeps on enriching his technique and his style, gets into New Style…

And discovers House Dance with Bruce Ykanji. A revelation that he will keep on enhancing along with his Wanted brothers: today’s House Dance multiple world champions Yugson, Babson, and Hagson. He also starts creating shows with his crew: Badmoves, Transe, Racine, Konexion and Revolution. Shows they will perform all over the world.

TV sets and the greatest musicals such as the Ten Commandments or Nuits de Folie call on his solid, spherical and ethereal style. But MaMSoN doesn’t neglect the world of authentic dancers for all that. He takes part in the Friday crews in 2002, and has been shining on the hottest dance floors with the Serial Stepperz since 2008.

Nowadays, MaMSoN travels all over the world to train tomorrow’s dancers, to exchange with artists, and to judge international battles.

Mamson’s Palmares

Hip Hop
  • Sunday’s Freestyle. 1vs1 (2004)
  • Funkin’ Stylez. 2vs2 (2004)
  • Stryctly For The Real. 2vs2 (2005)
  • Dance Battle Belgique. 3vs3 (2005)
  • Soul Circle. 2vs2 (2006)
  • Juste Debout Suisse. 2vs2 (2007)
  • Section Show Time. 2vs2 (2007)
  • Battle Agora Nice. 2vs2 (2007)
  • 7 to Smoke Mantes La Ville. 1vs1 (2008)
  • Juste Debout Suisse. 2vs2 (2009)
House Dance :
  • Battle de Rosny. 2vs2 (2005)
  • Street Dance Kemp. 1vs1 (2006)
  • Battle Arène 3. 1vs1 (2006)
  • Juste Debout Marseille. 2vs2 (2007)
  • Street Dance Kemp. 1vs1 (2007)
  • Legz Dance. 1vs1 (2007)
  • West Urban Circle. 2vs2 (2007)
  • Battle Arène 3. 1vs1 (2007)
  • Battle de Art Scénik. 1vs1 (2008)
  • Battle Soul Step Göteborg. 1vs1 (2008)
  • Battle AOD 3. 2vs2 (Lyon 2009)
  • Battle Planète Hip-Hop. 1vs1 (2010)
  • House Dance International NYC. 1vs1 (2010)
  • Battle de Gentilly 2vs2 (2010)
  • House Dance Conférence Paris. 1vs1 (2010)
  • Cercle Underground 2 3vs3. (2010)
  • House Dance UK. 1vs1. (2010)
  • Juste Debout Suisse 2vs2. (2011)
  • Who iz Underground. 1vs1 (2011)
  • Contest Night. 2vs2 (2011)
  • Funkin’ Stylez. 1vs1 (2011)
  • Juste Debout Spain. 2vs2 (2012)
  • Juste Debout Steez. 2vs2 (2012)
  • World Dance Colosseum. 2vs2 (2012)
Break Dance :
  • Ultimate Battle Championship (1999)
  • Battle VNR. 3vs3 (2007)
Old School Hip Hop (Hype) :
  • Back in the Days. 1vs1 (2008)
All Styles :
  • Funkin’ Stylez (2004)
  • Street Dance Kemp (2005)
  • Street Dance Kemp (2006)
  • Danse en Live (2006)
  • Section Show Time (2007)
  • Street Dance Kemp (2007)
  • Battle Adou Festival (2007)
  • Battle de Ouf (2007)
  • Battle Jump Off (2008)
  • Battle Only 4 Strong (2008)
  • Battle Only 4 Strong (2010)
  • Contest Night. 2vs2 (2011)
  • Summer Dance Forever (2011)
Finals :
  • CZECH REPUBLIC SDK 2006 (Hip Hop)
  • PARIS Juste Debout 2007 (House)
  • GERMANY Funkin’ Stylez 2007 (House)
  • JAPAN World Dance Colloseum 2009 (House)
  • PARIS Suprême Cercle Underground 2012 (House)