Only one thing to say: “We did it!”. I wanted to see Mamson, my teacher, dance live again and to share his knowledge in Toronto. We wanted him to inspire dancers from our small scene… and we did it! With no money and just the 3 of us. This first step was so positive that we decided to continue this adventure.
– Dr. Mephisto

About The Battle

Brain Freeze Project’s first major event brought Mamson (Serial Stepperz and Wanted Posse) from France to Toronto for the first time to judge “Brain Freeze -Battle Zone” – a Hip Hop, House and Waacking battle event offering $300 for each category in cash prizes.

MaMson, along with JoJo, judged 1-vs-1 battles that brought together dancers from across the country. The battles were intense, bringing out the best in all who participated. Check out the battle footage!