Interviewing Lady C

I Had the chance to interview the fabulous Lady C. She explained me what brought her to dance and what is dance to her. very inspiring

More about Lady C

Known internationally as an ‘All Styles’ dancer, Lady C is recognized as one of the strongest females in the worldwide street dance community. Her repertoire covers Popping, Locking, House, Breaking, Hip Hop among others and comes straight from the source learning under some of the pioneers and masters of each style.
She has earned her rep competing, performing, judging and teaching as far as Uganda, Haiti, Brazil, Italy, China, LA and NYC and has gained accolades at events such as Top Rock City (Top 10 Worlwide picks) Juste Debout, R-16 and Bust A Move.
Lady C is most well known for her style, musicality and ability to maintain the high level of integrity within each individual style and also seamlessly fuse them together to create her own unique expression.