House dance forever 2015! Tatsuo VS. Yugson! FIGHT!

As Yugson is about to come to Toronto for Step Fighterz. I thought it was a good thing to show you guys how unsain this guy is. This battle is to me one of the highlights of House dance forever 2015. Two legends of House Dance going at it for a Death Battle šŸ˜‰

More about Yugson
Yugson won an incredible amount of competitions in his career, notably :

The Battle of the Year

Juste Debout 4 times in House, 1 time in Hip Hop

House Dance Forever 5 times

IBE solo House

in his dance career… this speaks for itself!

Yugson also judges at dance battles annually around the world, (e.g. Russia, Asia and The United States).Ā His music technicality is also recognized by an alliance between Break, Tap dance, Hip Hop and House.Ā Despite being one of Franceā€™s pioneers in Hip-Hop dance, his sense of innovation makes him a dancer still under progress.