Hip Hop Final of Battle STX 2015, Paradox and Alex went SUPER SAIAN, hurry press play!!

More about Kevin Paradox
Paradox started dancing around the age of seven.
Inspired by his parents who are Musicians. It was only natural for him to start dancing to their music.

The first ten years however, where not the most succesfull once.Where he danced because he loved it, and expressed himself in whatever way he wanted to. He had no knowledge of the culture and the dance. He was laughed at and did not do any good in his auditions or preselections.

Inspired by not just dance but art in general he took his intrests in martial arts, sports, science and philosophy and made them the blueprint of his dance.

He created theories, methods and philosofies about his dance and through this he was able to grow out into the dancer he is today.

Paradox believes that art in general is not just a form of expression and entertainment. But an abstract way of preceiving the science and spirituality of the world.

With his mind full of theory and his heart full of art he now travels around the world sharing his vision.

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