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Raoul Wilke

Originally from Zimbabwe Africa, Raoul began his professional dance career training upon arrival to Canada. His love for learning, opened many doors to professional dance companies such as The Moon Runners, Gadfly Dance and Holla Jazz, thus creating a name in the community through mentorship, theatre and outreach programs. Performing at venues such as, (Canada Goose, The Four Seasons Hotel, Nuit Blanche, T.U.D.S etc.) had helped him bridge the gap between urban movement and had pushed his career into the commercial industry. Since then he has not only worked on film but has also choreographed his own work and has established a name, internationally through battles and social media content. Always striving to be the best of himself, he continues to travel, perform and learn from the creators of each individual style, to get the full context of not only the history but the dance itself. He is currently trained in Vernacular Jazz, House Dance and Hip Hop and aims to share his love of movement by creating safe spaces, where dance is explored and movement is our voice.

Henry Miller: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”