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Lock N Lol from Korea – World champs HHI

10 August 2015

Lock N Lol crew from Korea takes us back to the roots of street dance with an impressive locking routine and wins the gold at Hip Hop International

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Hozin judge showcase – Keep Fresh

4 August 2015

My fellow poppers, here is Poppin Hozin from Korea, member of REAL MARVELOUS & DYNASTY DIAMONDZ, showcasing as a judge for the “Keep Fresh” battle, and THIS is how you KILL THE BEAT!!

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28 July 2015

For the longuest time Gucchon is my favorite popper! I’d the chance to see him battling live many times during Juste Debout in Paris. This video is a very good sum up of why I think he is so ridiculously talented.

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Yugson – Ukay – Storm Showcases at LTDT 2015

24 July 2015

Step Fighterz coming in September here is a showcase of Yugson from Paris at Let the dance talk in Dusseldorf. his showcase is followed by an other one by Storm and finally Ukay

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Struggling Kimono

20 July 2015

I found this video totally randomly, these guys made an amazing job! This choreography kept me focused until the very last second.

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Babson SlideMaster

16 July 2015

Number one inspiration for Afro House. No matter what people say, when you see him dance, you know that it’s HIS style. #RealDancer #TruePerformer

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Brian Footwork Green | Okinawa

23 September 2014

Brian Footwork Green judge move@Groove line Okinawa 2014

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4 July 2014

This BACK To the FUtuRE video represents hiphop at its true essence just vibing and dancing with friends. Todays media has distracted us from seeing what there is really to see. These 3 ladies LEAH mcfly, SAMIAM,and ANGEL have come together to rep hip hop to its fullest showcasing popping style enjoy watching these girl […]

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