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Yugson – Ukay – Storm Showcases at LTDT 2015

24 July 2015

Step Fighterz coming in September here is a showcase of Yugson from Paris at Let the dance talk in Dusseldorf. his showcase is followed by an other one by Storm and finally Ukay

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Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday

20 July 2015

With “Yesterday”, Black eyed peas is back! many years after “Monkey Business”, after that long period of darkness where, on my opinion, they lost themself. They decided (or maybe they are finally authorized) to make some real Hip Hop again! For our greatest pleasure.

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Struggling Kimono

20 July 2015

I found this video totally randomly, these guys made an amazing job! This choreography kept me focused until the very last second.

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Tismé – Beat dance contest winner’s playlist

17 July 2015

Tismé is on my opinion one of the most talented French beat makers. He recently won the Beatdance Contest event hosted by i love this dance. So I thought you guys should hear why, especially if you never heard of him before.

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Babson SlideMaster

16 July 2015

Number one inspiration for Afro House. No matter what people say, when you see him dance, you know that it’s HIS style. #RealDancer #TruePerformer

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AfroHouse Mix by Heavy K

15 July 2015

Found the #AfroHouse mix recently and I couldn’t stop listening to it! For Afro House lover this is just going to make you dance and smile endlessly.

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Brian Footwork Green | Okinawa

23 September 2014

Brian Footwork Green judge move@Groove line Okinawa 2014

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Inside the music by Yugson Hawks

19 August 2014

an Openends Productions & Global Nomads Productions. An interview by Glenn Sluisdom in 2012 with Yugson Hawks. Coming to Summer Dance Forever August 2014 to give a Masterclass. for more info.: www.

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Hear Me Move | Pantsula Movie

14 August 2014

Hear Me Move Hear Me Move is the first film showcasing South African dance and portrays local youth embracing their identities 20 years after democracy. Writer and producer Fidel Namisi, director and producer Scotness L. Smith and producer and actor Wandile Molebatsi of Coal Stove Productions in Johannesburg are determined to make their dreams come […]

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Ukay Bad Newz – Judge Showcase

29 July 2014

Ukay Bad Newz Mp. – K.Mifa Hip Hop Judge Demo 2014 Sibiria

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